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From bags and shoes to a complete wardrobe upgrade, we tell you which stores have deals worth rushing out for this weekend

LAST year in Mumbai, Vero Moda, Jack & Jones and Onlya��s Super Saturday sale saw around 32,000 customers queuing outside the store from 7 am. So this year, they decided to manage the crowds with online bookings. It didna��t helpa��the roads were still blocked with eager shoppers. Closer home, the sales frenzy is building up, if not at the same level. While malls like Forum are overrun with shoppers during the Yammadi sale (usually mid-July), the current sales around town are hard to resist. Forever New has a 70 per cent sale. The Bottega Veneta store at Bergamo has many takers for the discounts offered now. Getting a Rs. 1,84,000 bag for Rs. 1,28,000, or the prized wallets at Rs. 30,000 is worth the trip, many feel. Itching to get out and shop? Read on for the best picks.

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For those who love the outdoors, head to Quiksilver, which specialises in surfing gear. You get up to 50 per cent off on their surf jackets, board shorts, footwear and more. Our pick: A cropped black and white top, perfect for pop surfing. At Rs. 2,447 (30 per cent off Rs. 3,495). Till August 3. Details: 30083555


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