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    Following in the footsteps of Taylor Swift and Brad Pitt, here are the latest celebrities who turned up uninvited

    Distract the coupleA�

    Bill Murraya��s comedy doesna��t end with his onscreen performances. He can be equally funny in real life, too. When a Charleston couple was posing for their engagement pictures on the steps of a building in June this year, Murray, who happened to be on the sidewalk, made them laugh by flashing his tummy and tapping it. Finding the couple too distracted, their photographer invited the 64-year-old actor to join the photoshoot. The incident was reported just weeks after he was seen giving a funny speech at a strangera��s bachelor party in Charleston, California.

    Repeat act
    After crashing a wedding in 1977 with the late Robin Williams, John Travolta did it again in 2003. This time, the Pulp Fiction star decided to drop by the wedding of a couple he had met at a bar in Georgia, the night before their nuptials. Dressed casually in jeans and T-shirt, the 60-year-old star ended up getting photographed with the couple, bridesmaids and a couple of other guests while he was there. Funnily, many noticed and Tweeted that he was wearing the same outfit at the wedding that he had on the previous night.

    Beach diaries
    Tennis mogul, Serena Williams, was holidaying with fellow tennis pro and pal, Caroline Wozniacki, in Miami this May when she spotted a wedding ceremony at the beach. Despite wearing a leopard print, one-piece bathing suit, Williams crashed it. Not surprisingly, the couple was thrilled to have her there. After posing for pictures with them and the guests, the tennis star took to Instagram to show off the photographs with captions like a�?wedding crasher!! congrats!a�? and a�?bikini wedding crasher!a�?

    Dance with drinks
    The star of PS I Love You, Gerard Butler, charmed his fans this March when he crashed a bachelorette party with a jaunty, a�?a�?Is this a hena��s party? Can I join? Wea��re going to dance a little bit, drink a little bit.a��a�� To add to the girlsa�� excitement, he stayed with them and partied for a while, besides posing for photographs. One of the girls present was reportedly quoted saying, a�?a�?His accent, oh my goodness, it was so beautiful. You couldna��t understand him half the time, but you didna��t care because it was just gorgeous.a��a�� The 44-year-old actor is currently shooting for Gods of Egypt and the Point Break remake.


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