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Four artistes from different entertainment industries come together to enthrall the crowd of Hyderabad next week

Whata��s common to TV actor Parth Samthaan, standup comedian Kenneth Sebastian, singer Mohit Gaur and DJ Lil – B? The passion to perform and entertain. The foursome from four different lines of entertainment are coming together for Wingding 2016, a live concert by Leo Entertainments and White Pearl Events promises to give the city a new spin this weekend. We talk to each of the four artistes about what they have to offer to the city.

Parth Samthaan
The Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan actor who would be also making his Bollywood debut this year would be one of the highlights of the evening. Rated as the 11th sexiest Asian, Parth is looking forward to meeting his fans on Wingding. a�?I love Hyderabad for its hospitality and food. I would be meeting one lucky fan who wins the competition during Wingding,a�? he adds. The organisers have initiated a lot of competitions on their Facebook page where one fan would get the chance to meet Parth on the stage during the event. Besides his singing prowess, he says he would also showcase some of his acting skills.

DJ Lil-B aka Bhavini ShahA�DJ Lil 'B (2)
Creating her music from the past 10 years, DJ Lil B was roped in as the official DJ for IPL Extra Innings in 2015. Beginning her career at 15, she was known for her hip-hop music. However, she is now known for her Bollywood numbers across the globe. Expecting sheer fun in Hyderabad, she says, a�?I am coming with an open mind and all I want is energy from the crowd. I am going to play for the crowd and I am sure I would play every song that would help them burn the floor.a�? She is the only commercial female DJ in India to spin a complete digital set using Ableton Live Interface, MOTU soundcard and Vestax VCM600 midi controller for her meticulous sets.

Kenneth Sebastian
Kenneth Sebastian (1)

This stand up comedian needs no introduction. Better known as Kenny Sebastian, he is not just a comic but a singer, writer, painter, music composer, graphic designer and a film editor too. a�?I am also trying hard to get into motorcycle riding and racing if time permits,a�? he says. He has always managed to tickle his audiencesa�� funny bone whenever he has performed. The comedian is expecting nothing but a a�?warm crowd who wants to have a good time.a�� Kenny also promises to deliver new content which will have a lot of crowd interacting session.

Mohit Gaur (2)Mohit Gaur

Known for his energy on stage, Mohit Gaur, who rose to fame with his song Cupcake says, a�?I want this show in Hyderabad to be like a mad house. I want the crowd to sing with me when I am singing and dance with me when I am dancing.a�? Mohit would be coming to Hyderabad for the second time and he says he wants to explore the city. a�?Hussain Sagar is in my to-do list. I am a foodie and would love to eat from the streets of Hyderabad,a�? he smiles.

These artistes would be performing in Wingding 2016 on June 17 and June 18 at N Convention from 7 pm onwards. Tickets on meraevents.com. Price: Rs 1,500 per ticket. Details: 7893377333

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