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Five speakers, five sessions and a goal to create more art writers—Apparao Galleries tries something new

Sharan Apparao is passionate when she speaks about the arts. But a few lone voices are not enough to spread the word. “Most journals in the country use amateur writers. But ours is a complex living culture—whether it’s our temple architecture, dances, music or crafts—and it needs to be given more importance,” begins the founder of Apparao Galleries. Her latest initiative is a series of talks, on Writing on the Arts, which promises to offer a comprehensive understanding of the discipline, covering topics like writing on heritage and critiquing art, with sessions chaired by curators, artists and critics. “The idea is to build a group of writers who, even if they become bloggers, are exposed to the different types of writing in arts,” adds Apparao.
Setting the ball rolling on October 31 is Mayank Mansingh Kaul, a designer, artist and curator from Delhi. “I will address different kinds of writings—from curatorial to writing for print and social media,” says the 31-year-old, who feels there is tremendous energy in different creative fields in India, but somehow it is not being communicated to audiences (beyond a small section of the cultural crowd). “My talk will be based on my own writings over the years and I will also discuss how to address different kinds of audiences,” he adds. Other sessions will include Critiquing the Arts by Sadanand Menon (November 14), A Voice of Ones Own by photographer Dayanita Singh (November 28), Heritage & Antiquities in Arts by historian Pradeep Chakravarthy (December 5) and A Journalist’s Approach by Dr Ashrafi Bhagat (December 12). “We will create a writers’ group, too, where everyone can share their writings and encourage each other. Thus we hope to build a pool,” concludes Apparao.
At the gallery, from 2-5 pm. To register, call 9941012388
Inputs: Surya Praphulla Kumar


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