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    V Balakrishnan of Theatre Nisha will narrate the tale of six women from Chennai

    Anu_collageIf life is a stage, then women are the players. Theatre Nisha is gearing up with six one-woman plays, of which one is their debut ticket at the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August. An adaptation of noted Kannada playwright Chandrashekhar Kam-baa��s novel, Singarevva and the Palace, is the story of a woman story who, after being manipulated by a greedy father and an impotent husband, finally rises up to take revenge.

    Performed by Taruna Jamala-madaka, the artiste says, a�?This is my first one-woman show. The greatest challenge for me is in playing so many characters, some of whom are in conversation with each other. Also, capturing the rawness and the sensuality of the words written by Chandrashekhar Kambar was a challenge,a�? adds Jamalamadaka.
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    Of the six plays two have already been stageda��Songs From Under The River, an adaptation of slam poet Aneez Mojgania��s work (in March for the Thespian En Festival) andA�Mata Hari:A�Butterflies Who Live in the Sun Must Die Young, the story of the controversial courtesan-turned-spy (in early June) and a��preparations are on for two more, before their highly-anticipated debut at the Fringe. As for their sixth and final play, it is a script inspired by Italian writer Alberto Savinioa��s play, Emma B Widow Jocasta. The dates have yet to be finalised. a�?We always had a number of women artistes in our repertoire, so when this idea came up, we couldna��t resist it,a�? says V Balakrishnan, founder of Theatre Nisha and the director of all six one-woman plays.

    Singarevva and The Palace is slated to be performedA�at the Apex City Hotel at Edinburgh Fringe Festival on August 12 a�� 17. Details: edinburghfestival.list.co.uk

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