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Renowned comedians, Brad Sherwood and Colin Mochrie, are back in town after six years.


COMEDY mavericks, Brad Sherwood and Colin Mochrie of Whose Line Is It Anyway? fame, are back in town (after almost six years) as part of Black Dog Sparkling Watera��s Easy Evenings, their four-city tour in India, and the two are looking forward to exploring India a little more this time. a�?We are more relaxed, and we want to see the beautiful cities in India. Last time, we hardly had any time. We both love Indian food and we hope to tickle our taste buds this time with some serious spices,a�? says Colin Mochrie.
When the duo first set foot in India back in 2010, stand-up comedy was not an everyday concept. a�?Stand-up comedy in India is surely growing by leaps and bounds, and the Internet has helped people see different performers around the globe, and also the domestic performers who have become popular in the past five-six years,a�? says Sherwood. a�?It is a slow build, but people always need to laugh, and they need to laugh out hard and loud,a�? adds Mochrie. Speaking about the first time he performed on stage he says, a�?I was a high school science student until one of my friends asked me to perform on stage. But when I got my first laugh, I decided that this is what I want and all the science dreams were kept aside.a�? However, Mochrie never diverted from his dreams of becoming a comedian. a�?I started performing on stage as an actor at the age of eight. I always liked to make people laugh and in school when you make people laugh cutting up, I was already doing improv comedy. I found the same in college, and since then I have never stopped,a�? he says.
When asked about Donald Trumpa��s campaign to be the next President of the United States of America, Sherwood, 51, says, a�?He is a terrible idea for our country. A lot of people are just satisfied with our economy and so if you stand up and point out, a lot of people would follow you down the road even if you are not qualified to be a good president.a�? Colin however has a slightly different opinion. a�?As a comedian there will be a lot of material if he was elected as the President. But as a concerned citizen of the world what if the world ends in three weeks after he has been elected?a�? says the 58-year-old Canadian.
March 29.At Kalinga Hall, The Lalit Ashok. 8 pm.
Tickets (Rs 1,750-4,400) on bookmyshow.com
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