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    Ita��s here! The last week of 2013, and our excuse to get away with most anything. To sum it up, wedding celebrations, lights, carols, turkey dinners and loads of Christmas shopping. Divya Pandurangam and gang chose to bring it all together with a 1920s themed cocktail by the beach. I love it when people go all out on a theme, and this was one of those occasions. Flapper style dresses, up-dos, feather headdresses, suspenders, hatsa��the whole nine yards. Adding to the fun were props and accessories: cigarette holders for the ladies and gangster mustaches for the men. A few brave souls even took to the dance floor, showing of the a�?Charlestona�� and the a�?Shimmya��, while the rest of us were happy to stick to the jive. As is tradition, toasts were made to the year ahead, and the dancing continued till the wee hours.

    During the week, we alternated between more eating and Christmas caroling. Some chose to go the traditional route with roasts and Christmas pudding, while others decided that potlucks were the best way to go. The carol singing also ranged from the well practiced professionals to the make-it-up-as-we-go variety, which can be just as entertaining. The a�?Out and Abouta�� types landed up at Leather Bar for a pre-Christmas eve a�?Sinful Santaa�� bash. Santaa��s little helpers a�� or a�?santa-linasa��a�� made sure that goodies were given out irrespective of whether you were a�?naughtya�� or a�?nicea��. And while wea��re on the subject of goodies, this week saw the arrival of yet another international dessert brand to Chennai: Minimelts, a�?the worlda��s coldest ice creama��, which is cryogenically frozen (at 190A� a�� the coldest temperature achievable on earth) using liquid nitrogen. Thank-fully, the event wasna��t all science speak and included some sampling, along with a fashion show. The models traded in their regular accessories for little bowls of ice cream.

    We wound up the week at Vijay Amritraja��s 60th birthday party hosted by the Leela Palace Chennai. Chairman and managing director Vivek Nair ensured that it was an unforgettable evening. The theme? Tennis, of course. All the servers were dressed in special uniforms, with big screens playing snippets from the birthday boya��s historic matches. Tennis balls were also skillfully incorporated into the dA�cor. The crowd was a mix of family and friends, many of whom came down just for the occasion.
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