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    Vasudha Prakash tells us about the Blue Blue Sky choir at V-Excel, and why acceptance is the need of the hour

    When Vasudha Prakash approached regular schools looking to arrange combined PT classes for her special students along with them, her request was not only turned down, but also met with shock. a�?Inclusion is important, and awareness about the concept must be spread in regular schools,a�? says Prakash. This is why she spreads the message by taking the choir of her school for special children, to sing at the assemblies of other schools in the city. a�?Our school song is Blue Blue Sky and we sing it at all the schools we go to,a�? says the founder-director of 13-year-old V-Excel Educational Trust, who has taken her choir to two schools in the city till date, and plans to cover 25 to 30 schools over the year. a�?We plan to conduct a music programme in two schools every month, starting from July,a�? she says, adding that post the performance, they will have an interactive session for the students of both schools.
    Besides song, Prakash will also be spreading her message through food. Her team is going to open weekend cafeterias at their three centres (Mylapore, Adyar and RA Puram), where the children already learn cooking, gardening and making products such as areca leaf plates and cups. a�?Our children have learnt some easy-to-cook recipes and will cook one or two dishes on the weekend. The teachers will also bring a few dishes,a�? she says about the cafeterias, called Samarth, that are expected to open mid-July. Prakash, who is also working towards creating an association for professionals in special education, plans to start an award for special educators and therapists, that will be finalised by February 2016. Details: 24956373, 24620243

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