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    Bringing their 90s party sound to town, the Vengaboys talk world tours and staying true to themselves

    HE Vengaboys are coming to town.A� For real. This Dutch Eurodance group brings back memories of an exaggerated animated videoa��of the singers partying in Ibiza. What took the world by storm, however, was their fun hit number, We Like To Party, which was considered a cult classic by party goers. Performing at Phoenix Market City next weekend, the Vengaboysa��featuring seniors Kim Sasabone and Denise Post-Van Rijswijk (part of the team since its inception in 1996) and Robin Pors and Donny Latupeirissa, who joined in 2002a��will show us how to move it. Having started out as a party band with meaningless lyrics, Sasabone says, a�?Now we only play acoustic ballads and dance rumba.a�? But what remains a constant is the way they dress. The Vengaboys were ahead of their time, with the girls wearing blonde wigs, micro-mini skirts and flaunting low necklines. They continue to amuse us with their cone-shaped bras, glittery pants and over the top make-up.
    Survival skills
    The banda��s last significant song was in 2002 (Cheekah Bow Bow). Since then it has had some alterationsa��with the original members, Yorick Bakker and Roy den Burger leaving the girls half way. While several bands like Blue, Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls split up, Vengaboys survived the hiccup. Taking on board Latupeirissa and Pors, Sasabone tells us the new band has been busy with gigs around the world. a�?Sometimes, in between tours, we work on new stuff that we release as individual singles, but we like to perform on stage more,a�? says the 39-year-old. While the music industry has seen several artistes, the singers are undeterred by competition. a�?We try and stay true to ourselves. Surviving is quite easy. The world is big so there is always a place to party,a�? she says.
    Third coming
    Talking about their high-energy on-stage chemistry, she says, a�?We are like brothers and sisters. The bond is strong. Offstage we all have different lives. But we are blessed that wea��ve found a balance that combines both worlds.a�? Next, they plan to head to the US for the big 90s revival party tour. On their second visit to Chennai, the band hopes to revive some fond memories they have of the city. And their favourite singer, Sasabone says is Beyonce a�?She is a flawless machine that keeps going on and on,a�? concludes Captain Kim from Wea��re Going to Ibiza.

    On May 9, at Phoenix Market City, from 7 pm. Rs 500. Details: in.bookmyshow.com

    a��Mrinalini Sundar


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