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    Abbot Subul Sunim introduces us to a meditation that was once exclusive to Korean monks

    Yes, ita��s about inner peace. But Subul Sunim, the abbot of the Beomeosa Temple in Korea, who will be in town this weekend, says it is also about questioning everything. Even peace. For over 800 years, Zen Questioning meditation was taught to monks sequestered in the mountains. a�?Pioneers with foresight developed this form so you can experience an awakening in a relatively short time. And people can practise this regardless of where they are, the mountains or the city,a�? says Sunim, whose approach to meditation and mindfulness is not without humour. When a student asked a�?when will you enter nirvana?a�� the Korean Zen master explained that the query, in fact, should be, a�?when will you die?a��a�? Meanwhile, we ask him for a quick introduction to Zen Questioning.
    ? Finding peace is breaking through your accumulated doubt. Instead of relying on doctrinal teachings, Zen helps understand the true nature of the mind.
    ?A� It is almost impossible to attain enlightenment alone. So it is essential to go to a a�?clear-eyeda�? teacher, have faith in him (or her) and have faith in your practice.
    ?A� When doubt arises (what am I feeling? What is this situation?), concentrate on ita��whether you are walking, standing, sitting or speaking. This will help you experience enlightenment in a week. After that, you can practise daily, transforming all your unwholesome habits as they arise.
    ?A� Since meditation is a practice of the mind, and your mind is always with you, therea��s no restriction of time and place.
    At InKo, tomorrow, at 6.30 pm. Details: 24361224

    SuryaA� Praphulla Kumar


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