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    Season finales to keep you glued to the television set

    Revenge, Criminal Minds, Agents of Shield, Arrow, New Girl, The Blacklist and a slew of other shows said goodbye, temporarily, last month. If you missed the crucial end, we keep you posted on the next set of shows drawing to a close.

    Da Vincia��s Demons
    This historical fantasy drama about the fictional early life of Leonardo da Vinci comes to the end of its second season. Tom Riley plays da Vinci who returns to Florence because he believes something integral has changed. The Popea��s confidants are questioned as are his motives. Sins of Daedalus, the finale, will see the Ottomansa�� first attack on Italy and two peoplea��s destiny change. On May 31 on starz.com

    This hilarious albeit lesser known HBO original is set to go out with a bang this year. New Hampshire, the final episode of season three will air in India on June 16, a week after the first air on June 8. But fans are in for a treat as the ninth episode, Crate, will be simultaneously, telecast cutting the suspense. The penultimate episode will see Thornhill lead in the polls while Selina must pull out all stops in her campaign for the finale of the season and the election. Sundays at 8 pm on HBO Defined

    OTBAnchor2Game of Thrones
    Inching towards a gripping finale, this HBO originala��s last episode will air on June 18 in India. The episode, The Children, might see the return of a strong character while things at The Wall change with the unexpected arrival of certain people. Brana��s destiny becomes clear as Tyriona��s gets blurry. But in true George RR Martin style, one can never tell what comes next. Wednesdays, 9 pm on HBO Defined

    The 100
    The first season finale of this post apocalyptic drama will be split into two with part one of We Are Grounders airing on June 4, and the second part following on June 11. Protagonist Clark will have to go to all lengths to convince Bellamy to do the right thing in protecting his sister while things at the Ark undergo a sudden change. Inhabitants will have no choice but to accept impending doom. New enemies will have to be defeated. On tv.com

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