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    Ita��s been exactly a week since that day we call Valentinea��s day. Ita��s a�?shut up and pretend like you carea�� day for others. For me, it was the first day of the rest of my life. February 14, 2014 will go down in history as the day I decided to have some fun and go on a blind date.
    Now before you judge me, ask yourself why? Do you think ita��s weird to put myself out there, in a desperate move to find a�?true lovea�?? Or perhaps you think it was a publicity stunt. I mean it was aired all over the radio, as a�?Project Shaguftaa��. In reality, it was simply my quest to enjoy my first Valentinea��s day. Ever. After 28 years on the great planet Earth, it was time.

    I did this for two reasons. One, I was done meeting boys through family, friends and fate. Two, I needed to get out of my comfort continent. Yes, the zone is that large. Ia��ve been safe all my life, be it haircuts, cuisine, hopes and dreams. Thank you Disney! So I decided to throw singledom out of the window.

    What I did was no different from what a family would make a girl or guy go through during an arranged marriage. Ita��s also not very different from friends introducing you at a party on the pretext of matchmaking. I had to endure a lot of pep talks from my best friend and the ladies from Sex and the City. But since my best friend did all the background work, all I had to do was show up. And I did. Awkwardly. But the point is that I did. And you can too.

    If you turn into a smitten kitten, then at least ita��ll be genuine. And if it wasna��t meant for a Nicholas Sparks book, dona��t worry, the fact that you kept your expectations to a bare minimum means you wona��t be disappointed. After all, American football player Tom Brady and supermodel Giselle Bundchen met on a blind date set up by a mutual friend. The same thing happened to the man of my dreams, Justin Timberlake. He met his present wife, Jessica Biel through mutual friends.

    In fact, he didna��t even ask for her number. He called her friend first and asked her to ask Jessica if it was okay to call her. The rest is history. Retired tennis player, Pete Sampras met his former Miss Teen USA and actress wife Bridgette Wilson on a blind date arranged by friends in 2000. Just nine months after their first date, the two got married and now have two kids.

    So I might not have found true love on a blind date, yet, but my Mom always says, a�?If you want the universe to listen to you, you need to open up to the universe.a�? So here I am universe, come on and give me a hug!

    Shagufta AhmedA�(shagufta.ahmed@indigo919.in)
    Shagufta is an RJ andA�creative executive at Radio Indigo


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