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    Block-printed silks and bespoke for men, at a new store

    With close to 40 decades of experience in the textile industry, Jay Bafna of President’s Group, Bengaluru and PK Rajpuria of Shreeman, Kolkata have now come together to launch Warp & Weft, the latest address for luxurious fabrics and bespoke services. Helmed by Baffna’s son, Prmod, who is also creative director of his father’s company, the store boasts warm wooden interiors with neatly displayed panels of fabrics swatches and fine textiles for men.
    “It was initially meant to be an experience centre for our international clients. At President’s Group, we export fabrics to a lot of luxury design houses in Europe. But we realised there was a real need for a fabric gallery in Bengaluru and so the idea for the studio was born,” begins Prmod. Spread across 1,800 square feet, the store stocks fabrics like twill silks, dupion silk, chiffon, georgette, taffeta and linen. And though it’s a destination for the fashion forward man, Warp & Weft also has a small selection for women. Their ready-to-wear section, for men only, features pocket squares, jackets, and shirts in cotton and linen. “Our silks are much sought after, as they bear hand-block prints. We’ve created a collection of brass block-printed fabrics. The blocks have very fine designs with extremely thin lines. The quality of a block is determined by how thin its lines are. These brass blocks are very hard to come by today as they cannot be made anymore,” shares Prmod, who is joined by designer Dhiya Jose on the store’s creative team.
    While their inventory is focused on showcasing textiles made with natural fibres, they don’t slouch on the innovation front, with woollen blend fabrics that are anti-crush and subtly perfumed. Customers can also keep an eye out for their customised shoes, which are crafted in Italy (`10,000 upwards).

    Fabrics `600 upwards,
    RTW `3,000 upwards. At
    Kumura Krupa Road.
    Details: 41207470
    — Rashmi Rajagopal Lobo


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