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The much-awaited third phase of FM stations to hit the country is finally knocking on radioa��s door. The talk of the same has been going around for awhile. I caught up with some of the known voices in the city to find out what they think.

RJ Balaji (Big FM): Stations should dump decade-old concepts and re-invent themselves with better programming ideas. Ita��s also high time that radio stations pay decently. I dona��t think any good young talent will be happy to get `10,000 a�� `15,000 anymore. Unless stations pay well, standards will never improve and talent will be hard to find. Lastly, radio today has become a clone of the newspaper. For it to sound like radio there should be proper training and guidance.

RJ Sulabha (Radio One): The third phase? Ita��s something I was told when I got into the industry. I am eager to know how it will influence a metro like Chennai, where there are so many players. The advertising revenue pie is already divided and the additional player might find it very difficult to even get noticed. In second tier cities, this might make more sense. Also my hope for radio is that news will be aired, as that will be a game changer.

Ajay Titus (Radio Mirchi): Phew, ita��s finally here. First phase was like the seeds, second phase the plant and now the third phase will branch out beautifully and bloom and yield fruits. The third phase will surely create a lot of opportunities, thereby widening the industry. There will surely be variety and a lot more options to choose from. Without a doubt, ita��s going to be a big leap for the medium in our country. The third phase will be a huge advertising revenue-earning opportunity, not to forget it will make radio a serious mainstream career option.

I really wish that the third phase is a defining chapter for the medium rather than it being a farce. Players should come out with brand new colours and paint a fresh and new picture for listeners. See you next week with more
radio talk.

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