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(From left) Prasad Bidapa & Bibi Russel, Jorn & Sonia Rohde with Michelle Salins, Shaheen & Rohit Yennamadi

There comes a time in onea��s life where one must learn to a�?just chilla��. My remedy for slowing down is surrounding myself with family. Noisy, raucous, opinionated individuals who constantly talk, argue, laugh uproariously, and turn your house upside down are definitely family. The whole shebang was visiting from Mumbai, to usher in my husbanda��s birthday and my niece flew in with her little bundle of joy (all of 17 months), who was the cherry on an already enormous pudding.

Little Aidan (the tiny terror from Tokyo), was like a sponge who picked up everything, from inadvertently uttered cuss words to funny mannerisms. Ia��m quite close to both my nieces so we started conversing in a�?Pa�� language, which Ia��m sure the little tyke eventually figured out, judging from the smile plastered across his face.

Imia��s birthday dinner turned out to be a hugely entertaining affair. We had booked a table at bFlat, Arti and Sunil Shettya��s fabulous lounge bar and restaurant in Indiranagar. The copious amounts of food and drink that arrived on our table (ably assisted by partner and chef, James Ho) made us the cynosure of all eyes. a�?Carry on regardlessa�� seems to be our family motto, and we did just that by doing justice to every morsel that crossed our tablea��s path. Even Imia��s sister, the svelte and sexy Shaheen Yennamadi threw caution to the winds as she merrily devoured the superlative Cantonese fare.

After the hoards left, it was time to check out the a�?fashion warsa��. Predictably, both the fashion weeks, Blenders Pride and Karnataka Fashion Week, were held simultaneously in opposite ends of the city. Fashion guru and good friend Prasad Bidapa made sure all his friends were at the KFW (a�?ita��s so conveniently located in the centre of town dahlings,a�� he drawled). The designer Michele Salins too, tasted success with her show at the Blenders Pride fashion event, what with the Honorary Consul General of Germany making his presence (and his praise) felt. As for me, I took my own advice and chilled out.

Rubi Chakravarti (m rubichakravarti@gmail.com)


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