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    Two kings make history, more power to the Indian girl and a creepy prankster is on the loose

    Return of the king
    Michael Jackson is making a fantastic posthumous return, thanks to a new collaborative song with the reigning king of pop, Justin Timberlake, in this new single which, in five days, has already hit nearly 10 millions views. Love Never Felt So Good features Jacksona��s unaltered vocals with a music video that documents his iconic moves interspersed with Timberlake and crowds of young dancers also trying to replicate Jacksona��s legendary dances.

    Clowning around
    DMPranks Productionsa�� video sees reactions to a creepy clown out to kill you. The crew uses over 30 litres of fake blood, 20 hours of waiting and a 16kg hammer as the weapon. The clown waits in basements for people to come before hacking at a dummy or tries to burn down a car. The man in the car apparently bravely pulled out a knife to fight while one person ran off so fast, the crew didna��t get to tell him it was a prank! The video has seen a whopping 10,459,153 hits.

    Marriage machine
    Debunking backward thoughts and hitting hard with a simple message, the Havells Coffee Machine ad is not only getting hits and brownie points. The ad is set in a drawing room where a boy and his mother arrive to a�?see a girla��. The boya��s mum wants a girl who will look after her son in the USA and give him a�?at least hot coffeea��. The spunky girl then suggests he marry a coffee machine and proclaims she is not a kitchen appliance.

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