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    Adlabs Imagica gives India an international-level amusement park to pump up adrenaline all day long

    Looking for a topsy turvy joy ride filled with twists and turns? Visit Adlabs Imagica (on the Bombay-Pune expressway). Launched last year by Adlabs Entertainment, the amusement park caters to those with a sense of adventure, and with a host of themed rides and shows, itA� makes for a fun-filled family day out, I quickly discovered.
    At first, I was pleasantly surprised by the international feel of the space. Spread across a landscape filled with hills and lakes, the park is divided into broad cultural zonesa��Viva Europa, India, Jambo Africa, Asiana, Arabia and Americana. And the food, decor and the kind of rides are reflect ive of the regions.

    Out of this world
    Armed with lots of nerve and sun screen, I went on my first ride a��I for Indiaa��an absoluteA� delight, where you are suspended about 30 feet in the air in a simulated helicopter ride across the length and breadth of India. Enhanced by actual film footage captured via helicopter, it is both informative and exciting. Then, Deep Space, the countrya��s first dark roller-coaster, gives you the intense feeling of a space ship ride through galaxies, planets and meteorsa��and it loops the loops in a minute. Bandits of Robin Hood and Tubby Takes Off are perfect for the little ones as Tubbya��the park mascota�� takes them on a gentle joy ride.

    Thrill seekers must plunge down the Rajasauraus, a Jurassic Park-style ride that teaches you about dinosaurs before taking a sharp dive, ending the journey into the past with a big splash. Real adrenaline junkies should hop on to the Gold Rush Express, a Wild West coaster that will have you screaming your way through ravines, ranches, mines and mountains. This is not for the faint hearted, so you can sit this one out at the fantastic American-style diner, complete with vintage cars, ketchup-loaded fries, fried chicken and 60s music.

    Terra firma
    For a breather, try Splash Ahoy, a water version of paintballing, Alibaba AurA� Chalis Chorr, with laser guns to shoot enemies, and the Mr India, an animated motion-simulated ride. The Salimgarh or the haunted house is interesting, too, as people (some real and some remote-controlled) jump out at you as you cruise through in a carriage. If you cannot stomach that, then head on to The Wrath of the Gods, which is a mix of a live show and effects that is very Tomb Raider and Indiana Jones-esque. Expect to get blown away, heated up and watered down all in one go, as the gods are at war with humanity!

    Adrenaline rush
    Daredevils head to Scream Machine, Dare to Drop and Nitro. Make sure you havena��t already tucked into lunch though! Dare to Drop elevates you gently, then without warning, drops you a 100 feet. Scream Machine first picks up momentum by spinning and then swinging up to angles of 120 degrees, 146 feet above the ground. A fantastic thrill best experienced at dusk.

    Free falling
    The highlight of the park, and of my trip, however, was Nitro. Towering at the entrance at 132 feet, with over 2,800 feet of track, it is intimidating to say the least. Once youa��ve been safely strapped in by the crew (and checked it obsessively yourself), you still feel that this is the worst decision youa��ve ever made. Especially since youa��re suspended in the air and the floor disappears once you take off. But 10 seconds into the two-and-a-half heart-stopping minutes of inversions and loops, you start to enjoy it.
    Take a whole day out to properly enjoy the 21 rides at Imagica andA� their five restaurants (we suggest meat lovers make a beeline for Zeze bar & grill for some authentic African food). This park can feel busy during the weekends and holiday times, but an express pass can help you through quickly if you have limited time.
    For visitors above 12 years, Rs1,500 (weekdays) and Rs1,900 (weekends). Package deals are also available. Details: adlabsimagica.com
    Aakanksha Devi
    The writer was invited by Adlabs Imagica


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