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    critics called Krishna Shastri Devulapallia��s first book, Ice Boys in Bell-bottoms, a scrumptious piece of writing. The cartoonist and childrena��s illustrator is now ready with his next book, Jump Cut, a seriocomic thriller set in Chennai with the film industry as its backdrop. More from him:

    Given your strong visual background, can Jump Cut play out as a graphic novel?
    I conceived Jump Cut originally as a screenplay, and when I wrote the novel, I didna��t tamper too much with its sequence or narration. It can be easily adapted into a graphic novel or better still, a movie. Who knows, maybe sooner than you think.

    Tell us how the story germinated and how spontaneous (or not) the process of writing the book was.
    Ia��ve always been interested in the ways of NRIs, how they come to India for two weeks at a time with a very specific and concrete plan that cannot be changed at any cost.The idea of life bowling them a googly and forcing them to stay back appealed to me. Thata��s how the story first found its way into my head. Once that happened, the characters, the backdrop of the film world, the central theme of revenge, all came to me quite organically. It took me about a year to write the book.

    A few books from the serio-comic genre that you cut your teeth on.
    Writers like Peter Cheney, Raymond Chandler and Mickey Spillane wrote about murder, betrayal, revenge and other black stuff but their dialogue was never short of humour. I found that combination irresistible. So I suppose these were my earliest literary gurus.
    Jump Cut from Harper Collins will be launched at Hotel Savera, today, at 5.30 pm. The book is priced at `299. Details: 64523151
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