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Meet Cimmaron Singh, a wedding photographer by chance, whose work has now been published in magazines like Vogue and CNNgo

Cimmaron Singh wears many hats a�� theatre artiste, teacher, journalist, product designer and as recently as 2007, photographer. A chance look at photographs taken by her, resulted in her first assignment when she didna��t even own a camera. a�?I just figured it out as I went along a�� equipment, technique, et al. I havena��t taken a photography course. I dona��t think photography is something you sit down and learn. A lot of it is just instinct,a�? she says.

Subsequent assignments brought in recognition from media like CNNgo, Vogue, UKa��s Asiana and Singaporea��s Straits Times and since then, Singh and her camera have been busy bees. a�?Candid photography is old news now,a�? says Singh, who was the only photographer present for the reception of Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan in 2012. Her documentary style of photography initially did ruffle some feathers a�� people were not used to having a photographer follow their every move. a�?Some of them are still conscious. But I find it helps to communicate with the couple before the wedding. That way, they become comfortable andA� dona��t mind having me around their personal space. After that, I am like a fly on the wall,a�? she laughs.

Though she divides her time between Delhi and Singapore, Singha��s photography takes her across the world. a�?From the US to Rajasthan to remote islands in South East Asia,a�? she shares. a�?Each of these locations is as unique a backdrop as the weddings that took place there.a�? When shea��s not shooting weddings, Singha��s camera is busy doing portraiture and Singh also specialises in fashion photography when ita��s not wedding season.
Details: cimmaronsingh.com

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