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    Raell Padamsee brings two of her popular shows starring famous TV personalities

    Theatre professional Raell Padamsee brings two shows to the city for the first time. Written by Cyrus Broacha and Kunal Vijayakar, and conceptualised and directed by Padamsee (of ACE Productions), 40 Shades of Grey (Hair) sees the duo from the show, The Week That Wasna��t, doing what they do best.
    a�?Ita��s not exactly a play, but more a stand-up act. Ia��ve been working with Cyrus and Kunal for years. We were talking one day and Cyrus has some really hilarious anecdotes on what life is like after 40. It was a topic worth exploring, so we ideated and came up with the concept for 40 Shades,a�? says Padamsee.
    Taking off from their satirical TV show, the production sees Vijayakar playing a host of different characters. a�?Ita��s divided into different segments and one of them involves audience members interacting with the two performers. So ita��s very interactive, relevant and lighthearted,a�? she adds.
    The second play, Unfaithfully Yours, is a little on the serious side, as it delves into complicated relationships. The plot follows the lives of Akash and Preet, played by Rohit Roy and Mona Singh. a�?The two meet at a beautiful resort in Goa and fall in love with each other, but they are married to other people,a�? reveals director Padamsee. Forging an instant bond, the two meet at the same place once a year over a course of 26 years. a�?Through the play you see how the two individuals grow as people and in their careers, their relationship with their families and with each other. Ita��s an extremely delicate and feel-good story, though it starts off risque, in terms of the nature of their relationship. Also, as it spans 26 years, the dialogues had to be relevant to each year, which was quite challenging,a�? she tells us. For Singh, who starred as Jassi in the hit sitcom, Jassi Jaise Koi Nahi, this was her first time stepping into the role of a theatre artiste. a�?The first time I talked to Mona about her role, she said a�?Ia��m used to delivering three lines at time. Ia��m unsure if I can remember my dialogues for a straight hour.a�� But of course, shea��s been excellent as Preet,a�? shares the Mumbai-based artiste.
    Unfaithfully Yours, which has completed multiple shows
    in Mumbai, has toured the country from Chandigarh and Delhi to Indore and Kolkata, and is expected to make its way to Dubai in November and the US in early 2017. 40 Shades, on the hand is stepping out of Mumbai for the very first time.
    40 Shades Of
    Grey (Hair), Saturday, 7 pm; Unfaithfully Yours, Sunday, 7 pm. At MLR Convention Centre, Whitefield. Tickets (`550 upwards) on bookmyshow.com
    a�� Rashmi Rajagopal Lobo



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