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Poetry takes on a new form at this exhibition

Images speak a thousand words, but sometimes they need a context a�� an insight into the thoughts of the photographer who captured those poignant moments. Bridging this gap, between the artist and the art connoisseur, is husband and wife duo Philip John and Bernadette Lobo, with their exhibition that brings together photography and poetry. Entitled Somewhere In The World, the a�?photo poema�� exhibition and sale, is a result of their travels through Europe. a�?I have been writing poetry for a long time. I have a page on Facebook called Labyrinths where I upload my poems along with a relevant image, not necessarily my own. I wanted to take it to the next level and realised that in order to do so, every aspect of my art has got to be original. So I teamed up with my wife, a photographer, to create this new genre of art,a�? explains John, whose page has close to 6,000 likes.
Making their way across Paris, Amsterdam and Prague on their a�?long overduea�� European getaway, the couple found inspiration in the most common, everyday settings and situations a�� things one would normally overlook. a�?We didna��t set out to find stunning landscapes or architecture for our exhibition. Our aim was to have fun, and capture images that spoke to us in the process,a�? shares Lobo.
Printed on high quality matt paper, some of the images featured include a landscape of tulips both black and red sharing space on the field, harmoniously. a�?This goes along with a commentary on living together despite differences,a�? reveals Lobo. Another is a shot of an imposing, historical church with a lone man seated on its giant stairs. a�?We thought how ironic it is that this non-living man-made structure is talked about in history books, but the man, full of life, is insignificant,a�? John adds.
The poems cover themes such as emotions, relationships, solitude, introspection and nature, while the pictures reflect a soulfulness that makes its viewers think.
Rs 1,000 upwards. Till Sunday. 11 am. At MG Road. Details: 22969265

a�� Rashmi Rajagopal Lobo


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