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    Bringing expertise, local spice and a casual vibe, Tarang Joshi whips up a storm

    Heralding a new era at The Glasshouse, chef Tarang Joshi weaves his way to the city for a complete overhaul at the popular hotspot on Lavelle Road. Working with the existing team to bring in the real bistro and deli feel as that is how the eatery positions itself, Joshi explains that he wouldna��t a�?dare touch the favouritesa��. a�?The idea is to make the atmosphere such that people can almost roll out of bed and head to The Glasshouse. Wea��re aiming to make it a proper deli-style restaurant where the food matches the vibe. So you can expect wholesome comfort food,a�? shares the Mumbai import.
    Having worked at The Oberoi Rajvilas, Taj Lands End, Velassaru and the Six Senses Laamu, both in the Maldives, Taranga��s food may have been vastly influenced by the Western cuisines. But this time around ita��s going to be different. a�?Working across multiple places has made me very confident over a period of time. That is why this time Ia��m switching things around a bit,a�� he tells us, hinting that the food will have a local twist.
    Winds of change
    While the entire menu is under wraps, you can expect things like chilli pork in a tangy tamarind gravy with sannas and meats with loads of curry leaves and South Indian spices. a�?Based where we are, therea��s Italian, Chinese, American and a host of other kinds of food. What I saw missing was the local touch. That is what I tapped into, and wea��re trying to work the entire menu around that aspect,a�? shares Joshi as he learns how to make appams.
    Favourites such as the fish
    and chips, pizzas, lamb shank and pastas will remain. But the vegetarian selection will have a rather appealing face lift. a�?It is not your usual pasta and risotto. The pasta will be fresh to suit the rest of the menu,a�? he says, referring to the little hat-shaped cappelletti originally from Modena, and made with potato. Gluten-free lasagnes, fresh seafood grills (from Coimbatore) and even goats cheese lollipop spiced to suit the Indian palette is expected.
    While the menu is still in the
    trial phase, and is likely to be only rolled out within the next two months, wea��re also looking forward to the earthy cocktails he hopes to introduce. a�?I am first going to focus on the food, but in time, it will
    be nice to bring in an ayurvedic flavour to the drinks too. It will complement the fresh theme we want and will be great rejuvenators as well,a�? Joshi explains, elaborating that wheat grass coolers and green tea and tulsi cocktails are high on

    At Lavelle Road. Details: 64518888
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