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How the city treatsA�celebrities and how they respond to the same, in their own style.

If there is one place where circumstances decide your fate – it is the film industry. It is like walking inside a huge ball that is rolling. One does not know when they will trip, wobble or walk! I observed a few successful stars recently. It was a busy weekday morning. I was to interview a female actor who recently soared to stardom. There were a million people who left their work-waiting to get a glimpse of her, a few perhaps many from her film team. Now we all know Hyderabad loves fanfare and excitement. We are not an uptight culture where we hesitate to express our feelings, nor do we ignore a celebrity, big or small! As she walked in with all the fuss and fanfare, the crowd around was awed by her beauty and presence. I realised how her life had just transformed in a matter of months. Before stardom hit her, she was perhaps a pretty girl ready to finish education , get a job and get married etc, but today she is a star – rich, famous and sought-after. The factors that brought her here were not just her own doing but also collective efforts of a big team that took a lot of chances. Ironically, a person who goes through a decade of tough education and hard-work may not land up in a spot like that in life. Not that I am being judgemental of anyone here. But then I also wondered how much emotional energy one needs to live up to the role people have bestowed. She herself confessed how she cannot walk and talk as she likes. Her image manager keeps a check on her movements. It must be tougher than we know, I thought.

I noticed that this phenomenon holds true for many others who were not noticed and just turned into a sensation overnight. I am talking of music director Ravi Shankar who is basking in the glory of his movie Killing Veerappan which became a hit. I remember him working through the film when he had no clue where he would land up in life. The film did well and today he too gets a share of it! “RGV Sir called me and said I should compose a tune with the lines of Takkum tikkum Takkum tikkum and today it is a favourite buzzline with many who watched the film,” he says. Now that is what is creativity that struck the right chord. Had the film not done so well, we would all be criticising the same line and comparing this to ‘ good’ music.

The actor I met, by the way, was none other than the talented Rakul Preet Singh. She had a profound wisdom on the entire success thing. ‘ Life is like golf. As long as you know your own goal and realise that the ball will fall right where it has to, you will be fine. If you look at what another player is hitting, you will miss’!! After reading this,would you still aspire to become a star? Or should you be happier treading in known terrains?

(The writer is a popular TV show host, radio jockey, professional singer… and most importantly, a hardcore Hyderabadi)


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