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(Left) The cast of 'Paanch' and 'Saada Haq'

Channel V goes for a makeover with a line-up of shows targeting the youth

ComeA�November 25 and Channel V will be flaunting a new logo, tagline and a line-up of four shows. a�?We felt ita��s the right time to give the channel a fresh look. Our last change was in 2009 with new fiction shows and less music. From July 2012 we stopped playing music. We have just fine tuned the strategy not changed it,a�? head of the channel, Prem Kamath explains.

The new tagline says Correct Hai! a�?The brand campaign, targeting the youth, throws a simple thought a�� politically incorrect, emotionally correct. We encourage youngsters to listen to their inner voice. When it comes to life if they feel right about something, it really cana��t be wrong.a�?

He adds that fresh talent has been roped in on and off screen. a�?We have young adult fiction writer Durjoy Datta for Sadda Haq which is about a Delhi girl challenging the patriarchal world,a�? he emphasises. The others are Confessions of an Indian teenager (drama), Paanch (revenge drama) and Relationship Status-Ita��s Complicated. a�?Content has been chosen based on youngstersa�� lifestyle, what they go through and what motivates them,a�? he shares.

Kamath, who is targeting the demographic between 15 and 24 years, is not afraid of competition from other channels like MTV who also have youth oriented shows. a�?Performance of our shows has been five-six times better than any of their shows. Most of their shows have been advertised funded programs (Up All Night),a�? the head points out.

The new shows will premier on November 25. Details: facebook.com/channelvindia

a��Madhuwanti Saha


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