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    Get your dose of traditional folk Korean art with a new exhibit

    A treat for art lovers, The Gallery @ InKo CentreA� is hosting an exhibition focusing on the art of Minhwa. This unconventional form of the traditional Korean folk artA� encompasses symbols and events drawn from everyday lifea��ranging from birds and flowers to tigers, mountains and rivers. Speaking about the art form and how it sets itself apart from other styles, Myeong-Ji Kim from Koreaa��one of the three artists contributing to the exhibition a�� says, a�?Eastern art emphasises on blank space and shows its technique with lines to create beauty, while Western art focusses on structure, ratio, balance and colour. Minhwa is the Korean traditional art that holds overall characteristics of both Eastern and Western styles at the same time.a�? While traditionally Minhwa artworks are painted on paper, Kim has put her own twist to it by experimenting with mediums and drawing on natural dye fabric, stone, porcelain and more. The artist, who is also a member of the Hoyeon Living Folk Painting Research Institute, has made Minhwa art accessible to all by painting on utility objects ranging from fashion accessories to crockery made out of porcelain. a�?Artworks include the culture, philosophy and changes of time and society,a�? oberves Kim, adding that often Korean art forms are not given their due and continue to be judged by a yardstick set by the West.
    September 28-October 23. Details: 24361224

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