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    Laham on Balfours Road offersA� a�?handpickeda�� kebabs and barbecues, with a good dose of beef too

    Ita��s difficult not to have meat on your mind when you walk into Laham. The rather suggestive name aside (laham means meat in Arabic), the sight, sound and smell of meat grilling, engulfs you when you step into the 65-cover restaurant on Balfour Road. a�?We kept LAHEM5the kitchen visible to the diners because it creates a great impression. People love watching their food being cooked,a�? says Zackaria Mohamed, who functions as proprietor with his partner Sultan.Incidentally, Mohameda��s family is the one that brought us the first Cream and Fudge on KNK Road.

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    Cheerfully done up in red and white, the a�?moda�� restaurant differs from other chains like Zaitoon and Seashell in one important aspect a�� they arena��t multi cuisine (read Chinese food). a�?Wea��ve handpicked dishes that we love to eat. Grills and barbeques have a great demand now and wea��re keeping the focus there,a�? he adds happily, as a plate of chunky chicken shawarmas reach the table. Staples like the murgh malai kebab and the biryani are standard, but the Lebanese shish tawook a�� an aromatic and succulent chicken kebab a�� is our pick of their current menu. Ita��s even priced at a throwaway Rs 250 for a whole chicken as an introductory offer!

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    Besides that, herea��s what stands out about Laham a�� they unabashedly serve beef, in any form that youa��d like it. As kebabs, in a thick curry or as a tender sheek, theya��ve got it all and arena��t worried about losing customers. a�?A little down the line wea��ll even have beef burgers on the menu,a�? he says. A bit too diverse? a�?Not at all. Wea��re even thinking of subs!a�?

    Meal for two at approximately Rs 500. Details: 43535693

    a�� Daniel Thimmayya


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