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    At DB Converge

    Celebs, fun scripts and of course, loads of biryani are what this week was all about, as we happily joined in the Eid celebrations. The focus shifted from the ramp to the stage as theatre buffs around the city were spoilt for choice with the huge line up on offer. Getting a lot of attention was Trivial Disasters, starring Purab Kohli, Cyrus Sahukar, Richa Chadda and Chennai favourite Kalki Koechlin. While the all-star cast probably had more to do with it than anything, Chennaia��s popular faces were seen arriving early, excited for the show to begin. The collection of absurd vignettes ridiculed the banalities of everyday life, some of them, like the serial killers on a chat show raised a few eyebrows. As usual, fans lined up to meet their favourites, post the show, while others preferred to catch them at the ITC Grand Chola.
    Also in town for Comedy Night at Madras Club was Anu Menon (a.k.a Lola Kutty). This time around the comedienne performed as herself, with Around the World in 46.5 Minutes a�� The Story of Anu Menon. Drawing on her own life experiences, it was a hilarious show where no one was spared. Everyone from the tam-brams to the gujjus, with a section on international accents. There were even a couple of jokes pointed in the direction of mum Minnie Menon, taking off on her special brand of Tamil. The weekend also saw Don Bosco alumni fly down from across the world to take part in DB Converge that had everything from a business conclave to mock class room sessions and a car rally with live navigation on the radio. A concert saw some of the best musical talents from the school (Viji Cheyyur, Jim Sathya, Shyam Rao) on stage.

    The performances werena��t celebrity exclusive, with the grand finale of the Short + Sweet festival also taking place at the Alliance Francaise. Its popularity continues to grow each year, with this format of the genre gaining more and more fans. Someone joked, a�?Ita��s because our audiences never get to a show on time.a�? This year saw a total of about 50 contenders with original gems like Carpouram and A Typist With Destiny making it to the finals. Actor Sohrab Ardeshir was on the judging panel.

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