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    The concept man, Riyaaz Amlani (of Smokehouse Deli fame) is back in town with Social a�� an all-day dining spot that can see you through from breakfast to dinner and any peckish moments you may have in between.

    Located on the corner of Church Street and Museum Road, Social is spacious, with interesting decor, an expressive menu that covers street food to global picks and an unpretentious ambience. Burlap cushions, mismatched seating, industrial style accessories, and open shelves stacked with recycled tableware invite you to come in and chill out over big sharing platters or small snacky bites.

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    The breakfasts get you off to a nice start a�� from healthy bowls of muesli, egg white omelettes, Bombay street food like kheema gotala, bun omelette and cutting chai, and posh English style affairs (bacon and eggs) to a whopping tray of PBJ (peanut butter and jelly) sandwiches, Irish coffee, steak sandwich, eggs and milk shakes a�� inspired by Amlania��s legendary appetite for good food and big servings, aptly named Riyaaza��s Breakfast of Champions.

    Almost every dish has a surprise in the taste or presentation. Iced tea is served up in a little plastic tub with a dollop of purple ice cream on top. An Oreo mud pot shake quite literally looks like a little flower pot with sprigs of mint peeking out of the top. Hearty soups with crushed nachos or loaded with ham, cheese and beer vie for attention with Asian papaya or cheese burger salads (burgers with everything minus the bun), mezze platters, generous barbecued portions of wings, ribs and sausages or buckets of fried chicken.
    For small bites they have crunchy plates of peanuts, loaded potato skins, calamari rings in little paper bags, baida roti even and tenderloin chunks.

    Rs. 1,000 ++per couple. Church Street-Museum Road. Details: 41622755

    a�� Jackie Pinto


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