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    Mary Zareaha��s Vodka Sambar takes you on a road trip to Pakistan in search of answers

    A GIRL trying hard to find answers about her past finds herself in Pakistan. And what happens there is the essence of first-time writer Mary Zareaha��s soon-to-release book, Vodka Sambar. a�?Everything started from this one line, but I cana��t figure out why this even struck me. Maybe because I used to read a lot of inspirational stories of people coming from Pakistan or may be because Ia��ve friends there,a�? says Zareah, who is a travel junkie. She has gone backpacking to Bhutan and Malaysia, and Pakistan is on her list.
    The Bengaluru-based iPhone app developer tells us why her protagonist Sudha Ramamurthy decides to cross the border in this 333-pager. a�?Sudhaa��s life is going nowhere. She is going to turn 30 and is single. She works as a copywriter in an advertising firm in Bengaluru and isna��t enjoying it much. One day, something disturbing from her past resurfaces. So she decides to take a road trip to Pakistan to fix that,a�? says the debutante, who owes her creative side to her poetess mother. The title is also an important part of the plot, wea��re told.
    But the book isna��t a thriller. a�?Ita��s a mix of mystery, fantasy, chick-lit and more,a�? says the writer, who had hit upon the idea of Vodka Sambar in 2012. But her lazy self didna��t see her writing much till she fell ill with bronchitis in 2014 and took a month off from work. And, when she did finish the 42 chapters, scoring a publisher didna��t come easy. So she decided to start a publishing house, Blue Fin, to take her book to the market as well as give a platform to other aspiring writers like her. She even released a video trailer to spread the word about Vodka Sambar, which will be launched at Atta Galatta on September 6.
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