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    A nod to the future, the car that changes for the best drive experience

    As part of their centenary celebrations, the BMW Group has defined the way forward for the companya��to offer more power to the driver. In doing so, the company has showcased what they believe to be the car of the future, the Vision Next 100 concept. Designed to offer the sportiness of a coupA�, with the elegance of a premium sedan, the BMW Vision Next 100 is touted to be a highly-customised mode of transport that can tailor its performance to the changing needs of the driver.
    Thinking ahead
    The driver-vehicle interactions are managed through a system called Alive Geometry. The concept comes with a�?Boosta�� and a�?Easea�� driving modes that allow a choice of driver/vehicle controlled operations. Depending on the mode, the interior of the Vision Next 100 changes its style. Take for example the a�?Boosta�� mode, where the entire vehicle focusses on the drivera��with indications for the ideal driving line, steering point and speeda��and ensures he or she gets the best possible driving experience. When operated under the a�?Easea�� mode, the steering wheel and centre consoles retract, the headrests turn to the sides and the seats and door frames merge to form a single unit that will make the driver and front seat passenger face each other while the vehicle takes over the complete operational control. It is a car of the future and, while it does cater to the exciting opportunities that autonomous driving has to offer, it also retains the essence of being a BMW when you need it to offer that thrilling drive experience.
    For more on the BMW Vision Next 100, visit motorscribes.com

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