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An international beer selection, bar nibbles and an old-school pub vibe make Bootlegger click

Plenty of wood and wine barrels for tables, the dimly-lit Bootlegger is a bit of a squeeze and much like a tavern straight out of the wild West. With rock music, a wine and spirits menu featuring almost everything from Grey Goose vodka and Jack Daniela��s bourbon to Jaegermeister and Don Angel tequila, this place offers an extensive selection of international beers.

From the barrels
Some of the beers are familiar a�� Kingfisher, Budweiser and hand-crafted Geist and Stella Artois, but others are more unusual. Brews from Belgium include Hoegaarden with coriander and spices, Leffe, the more bitter blonde and the earthy Orval. We zeroed-in on the St Bernadus Tripel also from Belgium, a creamy, yeasty and mellow malt. The Christoffel Wijs a�� a blend of sweet and bitter is also a wonderful offering from the Netherlands. More brews from Belgium and the Asahi from Japan are expected too.

Beyond brews
Payal Shah, one of the four owners, is talented behind the counter so expect some well-mixed cocktails. With an afternoon of work on our to-do list, we went with an Ameretto sour. The smooth, sweet taste and mild kick of the Italian liqueur shaken with lemon juice and ice is ideal for occasional drinkers. The Singapore Sling came loaded with gin, grenadine and cointreau, giving the original at the Raffels Hotel, Singapore a run for its money. Usual suspects like Mai Tai, Daiquiri and Manhattan in addition to house specials, such as Sazerac and Banka��s Closed make the list too.

Tucking in
The food menu includes an all-day breakfast, nachos, delicious chilli paneer and bacon-wrapped prawns. We highly recommend the Scotch Eggs that are boiled eggs wrapped in fried breadcrumbs with a generous stuffing of mince pork a�� heavenly. Mains are a mix of cuisines with hot dogs, rolls with various fillings, a few pastas and our favourite a�� authentic fish a�?na�� chips.

Rs1,500++ (including alcohol) for two.
At Vittal Mallya Road. Details: 41462747

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