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    Little miss naughty
    In less than a week, Australian actor and model Esther Andersona��s video, Why Moms get NOTHING DONE has over 66 million views across all platforms. Following Anderson and her little girl, the video sees the mother trying to put away clothes into the cupboard. While Mum neatly folds and places, the little one slyly removes and throws them onto the floor! Same with toys, dishes and even dirty laundry. Set to a twinkling tune, this one is extra special if you have a young a�?un at home.
    Host with the most
    Starting the Oscars on the right note, literally, Neil Patrick Harrisa�� opening number is about how important the movies are. Teasing Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, crediting films like Casablanca and Argo, to sharing stage and mic space with Anna Kendrick and Jack Black (who sings against the excess use of mobile phones), Harris uses a gigantic rear projector and edited montages. Plus, stormtroopers, show girls, Roman soldiers, and a flask-wielding Benedict Cumberbatch.
    Swinging style
    The Bryan Brothers are on a mission to change the way you think about golf through trick shots and fresh ideas on the sport. Using GoPro cameras, George and Wesley navigate their way through the course with some unique challenges such as the ball machine, multi-level features, quadruple ricochet trick shots, the ball picker, and more. They even use chipping targets to ricochet the balls and then swing them into the distance like they are pro baseballers!
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