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    With donkeys, candlelight and more, our round-up of choirs has it all

    Ita��s that time of the year when breaking into song doesna��t attract raised eyebrows. And keeping the music alive are the local choristers. The big annual concert by the MCC alumni may be over, but there is still much to look forward to. Like the Minstrel Carol Service at Veperya��s Emmanuel Methodist Church. a�?Around 10 choirs will be performing, including my choral group, Octet Cantabile,a�? says Augustine Paul, who is alsoA� the conductor of the Madras Musical Association Choir (MMAC), adding that you can also catch Octet at St Marya��s Church in Fort St George on December 14, at 9 pm. Details: 25324939

    Meanwhile, the little ones of Crotchets & Quavers are readying for an evening of song at the WCC Festival of Choirs (December 16, 6 pm). a�?We are planning two songs, staged like a tableaua��around animals of Christmas, like Issac the donkey and the lambs,a�? says conductor Jayanthi Prabakar, of her 65-strong choir made up on tots between four and 10. The WCC event will also see 14 other choirs performing, including the 100-voice WCC Centinary Choir. Details: 28275926

    A little earlier, on December 14, the Celestial Voices will be performing, along with 15 other choirs, at the Ecumenical Christmas Carol Service, at the MCC school auditorium (at 5 pm). a�?It will be a performance of Malayalam choir music, ranging from four-part harmony to semi classical,a�? says Vinod Simon, the conductor. Details: 9840027090

    However, the highlight of the season will be the annual Carols by Candlelight, held on the Saturday before Christmas. a�?Since this is our 55th performance, we decided to go bigger. The MMAC will be doing an hour-long nativity play, with solos and duets on December 20,a�? says Paul, of the event that will take place at St Christophera��s College of Education, from 6.30 pm.
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