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    VH1 Supersonic comes to Pondicherry, headlining
    Sick Individuals and other popular artistes

    COME October 15 and the Confluence Banquets and Resorts in Mahabalipuram will reverberate with one of the worlda��s most popular EDM acts at the moment, Sick Individuals. The duo will be performing at VH1 Supersonica��s first-ever edition here, which is being organised by Boombox Entertainment, in association with Nikhil Chinappaa��s Submerge Music. a�?They gave us a list of eight different artistes, from which we chose Sick Individuals owing to their immense popularity and also availability,a�? says Peter Cunnigham, director of Boombox.
    The Dutch duoa��consisting of Joep Smeele (Jim) and Rinze Hofstee (Ray)a��came together in 2010. a�?They are one of the biggest commercial acts in the world right now. They are also among the top three progressive house acts on the music portal, Beatport, besides having four no 1 singles to their name,a�? says Cunnigham. The Dutch duo will be performing their newest songs on a specially-designed 3D stage (a first for Boombox in Pondicherry), we learn, using specially-procured equipment like Pioneera��s CDJ-2000NXS player and the DJM-900NXS mixer. Accompanying them will be a number of artistes like Rohit Barker, Answer, Get Massive, Siddharth Raheja, Ashish Nagpal, Anto and Gritty Kid, who will ensure that the expected crowd of around `2,500 stay upbeat.
    October 15, from 6 pm onwards.
    `1,000 per head on chennayil.com.
    Details: gosupersonic.in

    a�� Karan Pillai


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