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Radio is all about innovating, which helps the medium evolve from a crawl to a walk. Over the years, Big FM has been known to do things the big way. Following that mantra, the station is getting ready to celebrate the 100th episode of singer-RJ Anuradha Srirama��s Rahman Ungaludan today.

Presenting AR Rahmana��s timeless musical treasuresa��right from Roja to Ia��RJ Anuradha is taking listeners through a journey with exciting stories and trivia about the man of few words. Rahman Ungaludan will also have guests and friends of the legendary musician come on the show to share intimate and lesser-known facts about his life. Moreover, Big FM is going that extra mile every Sunday, from 6 pm, where a movie is played on radio to let audience listen to the dialogues, background music and songs scored by AR Rahman.

Commenting on the show, Sriram says, a�?I am thrilled and elated to be associated with one of the leading radio networks in Chennai. And personally being a big Rahman fan, the opportunity to host the show couldna��t have come at a better time for me. Ia��m very excited to talk about the legend who, along with making the country proud of his work on a global level, has also been a mentor to me in the music and film industry.a�?

BIG FM and Sony Music are also set to release a compilation that celebrates the magic of Rahmana��s music. Over the past two decades, Rahman has introduced the world to new and different genres in music and Rahman Ungaludan will be a collection of 45 of his recent works that have changed our taste in music.
If you are a true Rahman fan, then visit Sony Music Southa��s official Facebook page and you will find something special waiting for you. Now thata��s how you celebrate 100 episodes the Big 92.7FM way. See you next week.

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