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    The true meaning of hospitality is to adapt oneself to the needs of your guests. When Davanam Sarovar Portico Suites began catering to a largely Japanese clientele, the need for a touch of home arose. With the help of long term guests at the hotel, the chefs created a Japanese menu that was much appreciated by all those who visited or stayed.
    Taking things a notch higher, executive chef Kapil Sahi has now decided to add on a few dishes that are a marriage of Japanese and Indian classics. Fusion food is not easy to pull off, especially when attempting to par the diversity and complexity of Indian food with the simplicity of Japanese cuisine.
    The base of a traditional Japanese meal is usually soup, rice and pickles and the innovations in the menu take all these into account. Choose from an interesting mix of Tsukemono (Japanese for pickles) a�� olives of two variations, the classic gari (pickled ginger), wasabi mayo that packs a punch, and blanched beans and cucumbers with a dash of grated jaggery.
    Begin your meal with the Tokyo Chaat, that takes the basic Japanese cucumber salad Sunomono and places it atop papdi for that Indian touch. Finely julienned cucumbers, a drizzle of mayo and touch of tamarind complete this dish, which is served with a sweetened tamarind chutney smear inspired by Delhi chaats.
    How does one bring sushi and tandoori together? You create a Tandoori Prawn Sushi for the meat eaters and a Tandoori Butta Sushi for the vegetarians! The Maki Rolls are tight, well packed with rice and the filling. But what really stands out is the improvised soy dip that comes with the vegetarian sushi a�� a reduction of tamarind juice, jaggery and a touch of soy.
    You also have the Mutton Shorba which mimics its counterpart in terms of lightness, while being packed with intense flavour, just like a good miso does. A perfect start to your main course can be a Lamb Katsu or a Subzi Katsu Curry. The Katsu is a crisp Japanese cutlet of meat that is breaded and fried. Crunchy on the outside and moist meat on the inside is what makes this a universal favourite.
    Dessert is a sweet and spicy treat with the familiar Wasabi Icecream placed in a sugar nest and the Indian staple of jalebis that have been dipped in a chasni (sugar syrup) thata��s laced with Sake and finished with strands of saffron. Perhaps a slightly strong touch to the sake will help, but it certainly balances out well against the strong wasabi ice cream as it is.
    Currently these dishes are working their way into the menu and so it would be best to put in a word for them at the time of making your reservations. While most of them may easily be created, some of them require the chef to get a heads up. The menu also regularly features an interesting array of Ramens that you can consider too.

    Meal for 2 A�Rs 1,500++ . At Hosur Main Road. Details: 9900070477

    a�� Ruth Dsouza Prabhu


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