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    With these drinks to keep your spirits up, you can start off with some interesting sushi.

    The Vegetarian temari sushi is a ballshaped sushi with seasonal vegetables. Little orbs, delicately laced with vegetables and a smear of wasabi, they bring variety to the plate and each one tastes great. The Tuna oshizushi is pressed sushi, assembled to look like slim bricks of tuna with soy caviar. The spicy touch to the tuna makes this worth a repeat order.

    The Fried stinky tofu does not stink but goes from a steaming hot crunchy casing to mushy tofu in a biteful and is served with scallions and chilli sauce. The Grilled quail eggs are a treat, especially since they are coated with an egg batter exterior. If there is one filling starter that you want, then the Firecracker chicken wings stuffed with basil jasmine rice is it. Order atrovent inhaler


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