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    Hyatt Regencya��s executive chef introduces a pop up restaurant promising authentic offerings for his Japanese clientele

    Step aside food festivals, pop up restaurants might be the next big food trend in the city. While the Chennai Food Guide brings down a group called The Nomads to create a special menu at the Food Consulate this weekend, Hyatt Regency invites you to Yakiniku, their new pop up restaurant that hopes to pamper fans of Japanese food from tomorrow till December 10. a�?We always try to curate something new. We have at least 10-15 Japanese guests staying with us every month and 40-50 Japanese guests from the city dine with us regularly,a�? says Subrata Debnath, the executive chef at Hyatt Regency and the brain behind the concept. a�?We are primarily targeting Japanese guests, but anyone who is a fan of authentic Japanese food will also find something interesting here,a�? he promises.

    Using imported ingredients like Bonito flakes, Tobikko, crab sticks, Red bean paste, Japanese Mayonnaise, the chef promises a host of Untitled-1 copy
    appetisers like sushi, maki rolls, hand rolls, okonomiyaki, tempura and teppanayaki dishes too. Some of the lesser known dishes on the menu will include takoyaki (octopus dumplings), chawanmushi (egg custard) , temakai sushi and okonomiyaki (Japanese pancakes) and a dessert of almond jelly soup. Favourites like miso soup, yaki soba (noodles with chicken and vegetable) and green tea cakes are also on the menu, wea��re told. Debnath also promises to plate up delectable sashimi made with locally sourced tuna, octopus, squid, red snapper and sea bass. a�?Except the salmon, we are mostly working with local seafood,a�? he insists.

    A la carte at approximately Rs 2,600 plus tax for two. Details: 61001234

    In anticipation
    Hidehiro Ishiura, the director general of Jetro (Japan External Trade Organization), who dines at Hyatt Regency at least three times a month, says that the quality of Japanese cuisine in Chennai has gone up over the last two years. a�?Some of them are good enough to be called a�?authentica��,a�? he allows, adding that he looks forward to the barbecues at Yakiniku.

    Junko Oba, the administrativeA� officer at the Japanese Consulate, lists Momo Yama and Raku Raku as the Japanese restaurants she visits regularly. And given that Yakiniku literally translates to a�?grilled meata��, she is hoping the restaurant will serve the grilled beef that is popular back home in Japan.

    Ryan Peppin


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