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    From scuba diving off the ECR coast in Chennai to skiing in Gulmarg, adrenaline junkies are always vying to push themselves to the limit. To meet the rising demands of discerning customers, retailers are offering highly customisable and personalised equipment. Make your next trip extra special with our pick of the premium adventure gear.

    Going deepA�4_going deep_face mask
    If you go on regular scuba diving trips, maybe you should consider getting your own gear. a�?Scubapro is our most preferred and the hottest-selling brand when it comes to scuba diving. One can experiment with a complete diving kit, which includes a carbon fibre bullet-proof grade mouthpiece regulator (`45,000), buoyancy control device (Rs 25,000), shatterproof diving mask (`4,000) and fins (`5,000), before considering a Luxfer or Catlina breathing cylinders,a�? recommends Joseph Deleesh, who heads Scuba Cochin, the first PADI authorised dive centre in the South. Details: 09995250002

    Hover and scoot
    Love exploring a new city in your personal eco-friendly vehicle? Try a self-balancing scooter. Developed by Delhi-based UBoard, this hybrid machine (with a gravity gyroscope that will automatically detect steering control loss and apply the brakes) is available in shades of blue, red and green. Made with a sports mode for added power, it is also fitted with industrial grade CPU for superior navigation. Rs 38,999.
    Details: uboardindia.com

    VerticalA�limitA�6_vertical limit
    This one is for those who love the adventure of ice climbing in Manali or Spiti Valley, but are looking for the right tools. Made with a single piece of aluminium, you can customise Black Diamonda��s Fuel Ice Pick based on your hand size and gloves. The pick is made with Chromoly steel, which is also used to make aircraft parts, and is perfect for overhanging ice and rock climbing. Rs 18,860. Details: blackdiamondequipment.com

    High noteA�3_higher note_front
    Wingsuits are the closest wea��ve got to achieving the dream of unpowered human flight. Intrudaira��s Piranha 2 wingsuits are great for beginners and advanced flyers to take the plunge. With the smoothest surface in its range for friction-free flight, it also has anti-collapse air inlet systems and quick detachable wings. The suita��which can handle speeds of over 200 kmph at 10,000 feeta��can be designed from scratch on Intrudaira��s website. From Rs 76,000 onwards. Details: intrudair.hu

    Hit the slopesA�5_gnarly slopes
    If skiing on the snow-capped mountains of Gulmarg or Manali is your idea of a perfect vacation, shred the white powder with Madshusa�� Empower Technology skis. a�?Ia��d skied with a rented French Dynastar during my stint at the Indian Institute of Skiing and Mountaineering in Gulmarg, but I prefer a Madhus, which has infused superior technology in regular skis,a�? recommends Rewat Tuladhar from Khempalung Adventures, a mountaineering expedition organiser. Built with an inbuilt RFID chip, skiers can track their performance with Madhusa�� Empower app. `50,600. Pair the skis with Seirus Inferno gloves with an in-built heating system (`25,300) and Smith Optics I/OX Elite goggles (`18,224), which boasts an inbuilt defogger fan. Details: madshus.com

    Hook up
    You dona��t need a boat to go fishing. Try your hand at kite fishinga��where you fly a kite over the waters with lures attached to the string. AFTCOa��s waterproof, rip-stop nylon sail kite can fly in winds of up to 25 kmph. No winds? Attach a helium balloon to get your kite in the air. This has proven very effective for catching hard-to-net fishes like the blue marlin and mackerel. `7,082.
    Details: aftco.com

    On board
    Indiaa��s longboarding scene is in its nascent stage. a�?Being the first longboarding crew in the country, I look overseas for quality boards. My personal favourite is an American Moonshine Pro Tucker 36a�?,a�? says Nikhil Bhosale, head of Longboard Crew India. The
    Pro Trucker, available as DIY attachable pieces, has A�multi-coloured decks, truck bolts, nuts, wheels and a A�personalised grip tape to choose from. Rs 29,000. Details: muirskate.com

    Text: P Peter


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