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Rather Be
British electronic group Clean Bandit, featuring vocals from Jess Glynne, aims for a slightly uptempo song that is at 8 on the chart. The melody is likely to get stuck in your head while the mushy love lyrics are like Valentinea��s Day come early. Flawless layering of accompanying instruments is remarkable while the heavy notes of a violin are precursors to Glynnea��s soulful voice.

Mmm Yeah
A fun, infectious dance song, Mmm Yeah by Austin Mahone and Pitbull take you back in time to the 1970s. From Mahonea��s debut album The Secret, Pitbull adds his classic upbeat Latin beats to this disco song that has a colourful video to go with it. Not quite innovative, the songa��s chorus samples the song Nu Nu by Lidell Townsell. It is currently at number 12.

Feelina�� Myself
Not only do will.i.am and Miley Cyrus feature on this track (at number 14) but so do rappers French Montana and Wiz Khalifa. Although catchy, the song could get monotonous with more abusive words than you can count. The lyrics, much like the track, arena��t exactly ground-breaking but the deep bass-line and the occasional rap from the Twerk queen is rather a good balance. Slightly robotic and strictly not for karaoke nights.

Take Me Home
Determined to get you on to the dance floor, this electro track by Cash Cash and Bebe Raxha, currently on spot 15, is likely to be playing until dawn of January 2015. Rexhaa��s vocals, which can be a bit grating, combined with the thumping synthesized bassline make for a solid tune. Ideal to play on a boom box at the beach or on the drive. Dance pop beats mix with lyrics you can happily sing along to. But we do miss the voice of the boys of Cash Cash.

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