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We give you the new entrants into Radio Indigoa��s weekly countdown

While Eminema��s The Monster retains its pole position and Pitbull and Ke$haa��s Timber stays strong at fourth place, Gagaa��s Do What You Want, Katy Perrya��s Unconditional and One Directiona��s Story of My Life drop a few spots but manage to stay put in the top 10. We give you a peek into the tracks that broke into the top spots this week.

2. Happy a�� Pharrell
On the soundtrack of Despicable Me 2, this one has a foot-tapping sound and an upbeat tempo. Pharrella��s chart-topper is reminiscent of the early days of R&B and is bound to have you singing along.

6. Hey Brother a�� Avicii
A clear anthem from the popular a�?spinstera��, definitive vocals, a strong bass beat and an engaging progression keeps you hooked to this dedication to the armed forces.

7. The Spark a�� Afrojack
Mixed to get you on the dance floor, this one will have your hands in the air and grooving right through. With its commercial house beats and catchy underlying melody, it is just a little too familiar and not very memorable.

9. Neon Lights a�� Demi Lovato
A heady Madonna-esque track without quite as much oomph or vocal strength, Lovato combines commercial house with old school disco in this one.

10. Old School Love a�� Lupe Fiasco & Ed Sheeran
This indie meets rap one is thoroughly enjoyable with a simple melody and catchy chorus that leaves you feeling a little bit nostalgic.

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