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    UK-based music producer, Manon Dave, brings easy to use MIDI controller

    Sure to grab the attention of audiophiles and aspiring music producers,A� UK-based electronic music producer, Manon Dave, is hosting an open to all introductory session on a new instrument created by him. Rolia��s Seaboard RISE MIDI controller was launched in the US and UK in September. It is unlike other MIDI controllers that you play by pressing keys, this one is touch sensitive and is played by sliding and gliding your fingers. It can also be played on various digital audio workstations. a�?Discovering the instrument is like playing with a new toy,a�? says pianist Adam Greig, who is a faculty at KM Music Conservatory. a�?There is nothing about the controller that requires a professional. It can be used by anyone,a�? he adds. Davea��s introductory session will be followed by six days of training sessions for the students of KM Music Conservatory. a�?We are in the process of creating a special course for this instrument in the near future, a�? says Greig.
    Today, at 7 pm, at KM Music Conservatory. The controlelr costs Rs 51,808 approx. Details: 43444786
    Arka Sengupta


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