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Customfurnish.coma��s first experience store is for those who are still not sure of buying bespoke furniture online

IF you were setting out to do up your home, wouldna��t it be ideal, if you could get the wardrobes, coffee tables, sofa, curtains etc designed online to meet your needs? The two-year-old city-based Customfurnish.com does exactly that and more. But what if you are the a�?touch and feela�� kind? To make the shopping experience better the brand has launched its first experience store in the city.

Spread across 3,500 square feet, the store in Kondapur launched on September 10 features, as the Chief Technology Officer Sharma T puts it, a�?All that one needs to furnish a plush 3BHK apartment.a�? Perhaps thata��s where lies the importance of an experience store as it instills trust in the buyers and the allows them to look at the finished product .

Founder and chief
exe cutive officer Madhukar Gangadi explains that the buyers who are unsure about shopping online can visit to the store, have a word with the sales personnel, who can help them understand their choices, show how they modify it on an LCD screen set up for the very purpose. The price of furnishing an entire 2BHK for instance can go up to `5 lakh. He plans to open similar stores in Bengaluru, Chennai, Nagpur and Pune.

Diverse range
When you enter the store, what strikes you is the selection of sofas that occupy almost one half of the store. From minimalistic designs to the striking options, these living room pieces are designed for different needs.

So far so good
They have interesting names as well; from the neatly designed three-seater Soho (starting at ` 28,598) to the plush Vanity (starting at `77,511) there are many choices. Cesare Giacomuzzo, the Italian production supervisor of the brand, says, a�?Not only do we have a whole range of sofas, we also let the customers modify everything, from the choice of fabric or leather to the dimension.a�? The prices, especially of the leather ones, can go up as high as `2 lakh. The sofas are designed by Cesarea��s wife Mariella Longo and her team comprising other Italian designers. They also have an equally fascinating range in dining and coffee tables, upholstery and beds.

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