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Pepperfry has opened its latest experiential studio in the city

If you love to feel the way the sofa sinks in when you sit or the smooth undulating finish of the tablea��s edge, the a�?experientiala�� studio by pepperfry.com offers just that. Hyderabad is now home to the online furniture and home decor marketplace. The company launched its eighth studio in India and the first-of-its-kind in the city last week.
The 2,500 sq. ft. studio marks the branda��s physical presence for showcasing products in an offline retail style setting. The studio has been designed to give the customers an experience zone for those who are looking to enhance their living spaces.
The largest furniture retailer in India has more to offer for its Hyderabadi customers. The outlet is a space where one can also consult an interior designer who would not only help the customer with products from pepperfry, but elsewhere too. a�?Our interior designers would not be just branding our products. They would also help our customers find the right product elsewhere in the market,a�? says Ashish Shah, Founder & COO Pepperfry.
The outlet showcases a wide range of furniture and other home decors from pepperfrya��s online portfolio and serves as a design inspiration for customers. Each interior designer is provided with an iPad which is pre-loaded with pepperfry designs which would help the customer to get exact idea of how would their room look with further alterations and additions by pepperfry.
The outlet is filled with wall hangings, tables, sofas, chairs, bar tables, lights, mirrors, cushions, etc. It has furniture made with different materials, mostly wood. There are furniture with a dash of iron and wood, plain wood, processed wood, wrought iron plus wood and more. Besides this, the studio offers customisation and design tips.
About selecting the right furniture, Ashish Shah says, a�?It is always a complex process and with the busy schedule now, it has become difficult for people to even find out time to check out latest designs on our online portal. The studio will be updated with latest products so that customers can walk in and experience the same.a�?
Surprisingly, customers cannot place orders at the studio. a�?That is because we look at the studio purely as an experience centre. Eventually all the orders will have to be placed on our online portal. We want our customers to enjoy the shopping experience. Hence, we came up with the concept of studios where they can see our designs and choose the right product for their homes.a�? People who prefer taking an expert advice for their home decor can walk in to Studio Pepperfry. Details: Road No 12, next to Mamagoto restaurant. Average price:
Rs 18,000 Details: www.pepperfry.com

a�� Nishad Neelambaran


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