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    This deli-bistro-bar marks its first anniversary with delicious new dishes

    A YEAR after first opening its doors, Lavelle Roada��s striking bistro-diner has reinvented its menu, with a range of healthy options and well-executed experiments. Simple flavours and subtle fusions dominate, with Asian influences combining with classic continental offerings.

    Mix it up
    For starters, the seared potato gnocchi is not to be missed. Tossed in an aglio e olio sauce, its only deviation from tradition is in the form of the accompanying green pea and wasabi puree. The pan seared basa also combines Western and Asian flavours. Cooked to soft perfection, the fish is submerged in a tofu, porcini and miso broth. While Italian mushroom and miso is not a combination wea��ve tried before, it worked so well that we had to request a spoon to devour it all. For another twist on a classic dish for dessert, opt for the pink praline slice, which the chefs have combined with banana sorbet.

    1212Food9Anchor1Keep it light
    If you are counting the calories but still want to treat yourself to a drink or two, the new range of skinny cocktails are just the ticket. The green lantern (which really is very green!) looks almost too healthy, but it perfectly balances absolut vodka and lime juice with generous amounts of fresh basil and mint. To fill a hunger craving, try thin crust pizzas, some of which you can order with a wholegrain base. We loved their margarita laden with cheese, and sprigs of rosemary to add flavour. For satisfying diet food, dona��t miss the stuffed artichoke hearts, which are served on a sundried tomato roesti, stuffed with roasted winter vegetables and accompanied by an pleasantly tangy ginger and carrot emulsion. Rs.2,000++ for two. A�Details: 65419999

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