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    Relieve stress and unlock your glow with the Shine treatment at the Sheraton Grand Baclofen withdrawal treatment

    In ancient times, Cleopatra set the precedent for beauty treatments. From a milk bath to sea salt scrub for the entire body, itai??i??s the queen who divas referenced when it comes to beauty and relaxation treatments. Sigh! Only if Cleopatra knew how body treatments have moved to the next level, incorporating essential oils and a mix of Swedish, Thai and Indian massage techniques to relieve stress and enhance their beauty.

    It was this lure of unwinding, relaxing the mind and body that led us to the Shine Spa at Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Gateway. A luxury spa thatai??i??s known for its indulgent treatments using products from Pevonia, the US-based spa skincare company, and from Comfort Zone, an Italian spa care products brand.
    We chose a Saturday evening to try their signature Shine Massage. An apple-cinnamon-tea extracts drink was served to help activate the body for the 90-minute procedure.

    This particular lavendar fragrance massage can be customised. With a long week behind, we requested the masseuse to combine Thai, Swedish and deep tissue massage strokes to alleviate pain and de-stress the body. The treatment began with a slow head message focusing on pressure points. The fragrance of pure lavender essential oil had a calming effect. Next in line were the neck, shoulders and back, followed by arms, and legs. Bitter orange and cinnamon essential oil was used for the upper body, and lavender oil was used again for the legs.

    Long strokes of the classic Swedish massage technique were used at the start to relax, followed by passive stretching and dry Thai massage strokes. The deep tissue massage strokes to ease out chronic muscle tension were used minimally ai??i?? only for the calves. At the end of 90 minutes most muscles of my body felt untangled and rejuvenated. The treatment concluded with a 10-minute steam bath and shower. A combination of herbal tea and dark chocolate was served to re-energise the body. True to its name, the treatment left my face glowing and body shining, and we wondered if Cleopatra might have enjoyed the same.

    `4500++. At Rajajinagar. Details: 42521000
    ai??i?? Ayesha Tabassum


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