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    After testing fashion trends at exhibitions, The S-Studio is openingAi?? a storefront in the city

    The sari is her canvas. Literally. Subhashini Srinivasan, designer and owner of The S-Studio ai??i?? which opens this Sunday ai??i?? strives to showcase the art of fabric painting through her collections. From depicting scenes of rural India with Pattachitra paintings to touching upon the more familiar Kalamkari motifs, the 49-year-oldAi?? is also championing the cause of sustainable fashion and handmade saris. Having started in the year 2013 by participating in exhibitions, she was ready to set up a brick and mortar store early this year to showcase her collection. ai???Exhibitions are a seasonal phenomenon. ToAi?? maintain a steady clientele, you need to set up shop.ai???

    Colour of passion
    Set against a backdrop of neutral tones, the 1,100 sq.ft boutique is divided into sections for exclusive saris like Kanchipuram, for
    handcrafted ethnic saris and for casual wear saris. Srinivasan hints that her stint as a graphic designer provided her with an understanding of colours and patterns. ai???The store is designed in such a way that the colour of each sari stands out.ai??? The boutique will soon launch its
    festive collection, featuring heavy Kanjeevarams with pure zari ai??i?? the flavour of this season, in vivid shades of red, orange and pink.

    Nombre generico de coreg Weave come so far

    While the engineer-turned-designer picks organza for summer saris, her current collection reflects the ongoing Marghazi season. Expect Kanjeevaram silks with kalamkari applique, soft silks with mudra motifs and hand-painted musical instruments on raw silks. Sourcing her fabrics from various weaving hubs in the country, she tells us that, ai???We have limited editions of our designs. Customers donai??i??t mind the wait since a handwoven piece is pure art.ai??? Offering saris that range from traditional hand-woven Kajeevarams with light zaris, Mecca silk, soft silk, raw silk and kota silk, Srinivasan is also looking to diversify into semi-stitched materials.
    Price: Rs 2,500 onwards.
    Details: 9840476171

    ai??i?? Rebecca Vargese


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