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    Boho and nomadic accents, plus a minimalist feel makeA� Sreesha Shettya��s jewellery a good summer buy

    S REESHA SHETTY is a Goa girl, creative, free-spirited and anti-bling. And this is what comes through with her jewellery as well. Shop Lune, with a compact line of pendants, neckwear, head gear, body harnesses and more has a client base that is only growing, featuring fashion-forward celebrities like Sonam Kapoor and Monica Dogra and boho-chic women from around the world, be it in the US or Australia. While her online store is new, and she also retails at a couple of stores like Maalgaadi in Chennai and Tadpole, Shetty, 27, has been busy selling jewellery via Facebook, email and platforms like Etsy.photo

    She has 2,600 likes on Instagram, and almost all of them have bought jewellery from her. All of this happened without a plan, she confesses. The journalist-turned-designer says she headed off to London on a break where she tried interning with jewellers, beforeA� someone at a supply shop in Birmingham taught her to make a necklace. Soon she sold her first piece of jewellery to a friend. That was in 2011. Since then, Shetty has been on a whirlwind of orders and sourcing trips, till she forced herself to take a break a few months ago to develop her website. The next few months are going to be spent on brand Shop Lune, she hopes. As for the name, the Cancerian says a stray conversation about the effect of the moon got her thinking and that was that.
    Keep it simple
    Shetty likes working with brass, copper, gun metal and sterling silver. Precious metals like gold will happen later, she promises, but the designs will always be minimalist, with a bohemian vibe. a�?a�?That is what appeals to people, even in Chennai,a��a�� she says, admitting that her first visit to the city is long pending. From Rs 1,000 to Rs 8,000. At Maalgaadi. and her website. Details: 42103242

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