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    Head to Rutland Gate this weekend for handmade furniture that uses no nuts or bolts.

    A decor update is on the cards for your home as the much-awaited fourth edition of Shakti Ganapatia��s furniture exhibition will be held tomorrow and day after, at Rutland Gate Studio. The founders, Reshma (49) and Deepak Chengappa (51), will showcase 18 pieces of furniture like dining table sets, recliners, storage units and beds made of teak, mahogany, white cedar a�� all handmade, sans nails or screws
    Inspiration struck Deepak in the form of US-based architect-turned-carpenter George Nakashimaa��s book The Soul of a Tree. With the ambition of following Nakashima, who was famous for joinery techniques, he started Shakti Ganapati in 1993. Speaking about the making of the furniture, he says, a�?After a prototype of the design is made, our team of eight
    craftsmen turn them into the furniture you see,a�? adding that they source mahogany from Bengaluru and the rest of the wood locally.
    The simple and contemporary designs feature a joinery technique that needs to be just perfect. a�?If ita��s too tight the wood will crack, and if loose it becomes imperfect,a�? warns the former civil engineer, adding, a�?Incorporating common elements like column legs and spindles across our collections gives the brand its identity.a�? While the upholstery they use is latex rubber and is handled by Reshma, the fabric can be of your choice.
    Available at Rutland Gate on March 26 and 27. Rs 1,35,000 upwards.
    Details: 28330280

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