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    Lloyd Fletcher, a musician, poet, tattoo artiste and free spirit, moved from Bangalore to Goa to start something on his own three years ago. While tattooing is his primary business, his label, Butcher Apparel is something he does on the side. a�?Ia��ve always wanted to design clothes that I would like to wear a�� tough, durable and heavy duty. After a lot of waiting I finally found the right resources and contacts to make this happen,a�? says Fletcher.
    Skirting the issue
    The newly launched line includes jackets, tees, trousers and interestingly even kilts too. a�?Ia��ve been fascinated with kilts for ages now. Admittedly, ita��s not something everyone can carry off but it makes a great statement. The idea is to stay away from mainstream trends,a�? he explains. While he sticks to the traditional tartan fabric, he contemporises them with unusual brass buckles and leather trimming that lend an added edge.
    The T-shirts are the bestsellers and are crafted from pure cotton sourced from various pockets in Goa. Featuring all of Fletchera��s original art works, a few bear prints of his art, while others are painstakingly handpainted.
    The biker-inspired jackets created from cotton are big on buttons, flaps and pockets. Fletcher prefers to stick to subdued shades, hence the pieces in come in hues like chocolate brown, black, bottle green, military green, midnight blue, beige and grey. We recommend a denim jacket with buttoned down flaps and cuffs with contrasting elbow patches in black, which is great for a casual night out. While he has a permanent stall at the Arpora market, you can also get his designs from etsy.com and his Facebook page.
    Rs.1,200 upwards.
    Details: facebook.com/butcherapparel
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